Arashi Nagase
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 永瀬嵐
Romaji translation Nagase Arashi
Gender Male
Age 18-28 ( as of chapter 48)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Family Risa Kanzaki (mother)
Takeshi Nagase (father)
Erica Nagase (daughter)
Relationships Miwako Sakurada (wife)
Education Yazawa School for the Arts
Affiliations Paradise Kiss (formerly)

Arashi Nagase (永瀬嵐 Nagase Arashi) is a student at Yazawa School for the Arts. He is a member of a band, in which he sings and plays guitar, and also a member of Paradise Kiss. He is Miwako Sakurada's boyfriend.


Arashi is the son of Takeshi Nagase, a rock star, and his wife Risa, who is a housewife. His childhood friends are Miwako and Hiroyuki.

Physical appearanceEdit


Arashi has outrageously spiked blonde hair, and brown eyes. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder, as well as five piercings in each ear, one in his lip and one in his eyebrow. His outfits often seem to be punk and Visual Kei inspired.

Personality and traitsEdit

He can be rude and gets jealous very easily, but he is kind and sweet as well. He hates when Miwako keeps secrets from him. He is a doting father and a loving husband.

Behind the scenesEdit

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