Isabella Yamamoto
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 山本大介
Romaji translation Yamamoto Daisuke
Nicknames Isabella (大助 Izabera; by everyone)
Gender female (transgender)
Age 18-28
Hair color Purple (orginal hair brown)
Eye color Grey
Education Yazawa School for the Arts
Affiliations Paradise Kiss
Isabella Yamamoto (山本大助 Yamamoto Izabera), acts as a mother figure to the members of Paradise Kiss. Isabella is a transgender woman, formerly known as Daisuke, who prefers to wear women's clothes. She is good friends with George Koizumi, and inspired his very first designs.


Early lifeEdit

She was born into a rich family, which was hard on her in elementary school. Despite being raised as a boy, Isabella was always interested in wearing dresses. She became good friends with George, when he accepted Isabella as a girl. George began making several dresses for her over the years.

She also collects antique beads.

High schoolEdit

Physical appearanceEdit


Isabella dresses in elegant, aristocrat like clothes. She has purple hair,and red lipstick, with a purple flower painted on her left eye and grey eyes.

Personality and traitsEdit

She often acts as a mother to the other characters, such as when she cooks food for the others.

Behind the scenesEdit

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