The main characters of Paradise Kiss as they appear in the anime.

Paradise Kiss is a 2005 anime series based on the manga, written, and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. It aired from October 13, 2005 to December 29, 2005, and consisted of twelve episodes.

The anime was licensed by Geneon Entertainment for release in North America. While, Geneon Entertainment still retains the license to the anime, they signed a deal with Funimation Entertainment giving them all rights to manufacture, market, sell, and distribute the anime.

Yukari Hayasaka and George Koizumi are voiced by Yu Yamada and Kenji Hamada in Japanese, and Julie Ann Taylor and Patrick Seitz in English.

Tomoko Kawase sang the opening, "Lonely in Gorgeous" under the pseudonym, Tommy february6. Franz Ferdinand's song, "Do You Want To" is featured as the ending, with the animation of Hiroyuki Imaishi.


Series # Title Airdate Production code
1 "Atelier"
"Atorie" (アトリエ)
October 13, 2005 101
2 "Illumination"
"Irumineeshon" (イルミネーション)
October 20, 2005 102
3 "KISS"
October 27, 2005 103
4 "George"
"Johji" (ジョージ)
November 3, 2005 104
November 10, 2005 105
November 17, 2005 106
7 "Butterfly"
"Chou" (蝶)
November 24, 2005 107
8 "Tokumori"
"Tokumori" (徳森)
December 1, 2005 108
9 "Designer"
"Dezaina" (デザイナー)
December 8, 2005 109
10 "Rose"
"Bara" (薔薇)
December 15, 2005 110
11 "Stage"
"Suteeji" (ステージ)
December 22, 2005 111
12 "Future"
"Mirai" (未来)
December 29, 2005 112

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