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  • Just watched this and added some pics of how some characters appear in it.

    I was thinking maybe of doing a category for characters who appear in the live film? Since it's more concise than the anime a lot of characters (Mikako, her husband and daughter, Isabella's butler, mohawk guy) got left out.

    In a way something like 'characters that appear in film' would be kind of a 'main characters' since presumably if someone was left out of there, they weren't considered main enough.

    I felt kinda sad they left out the chars that linked back to Gokinjo though. I don't think a single Gokinjo char was in the film (unless we count Miwako I guess? though I think she's just in the manga and not in the anime) so it was just all the new chars. Didn't even get to see Arashi's mom.

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    • I thinking of calling the category "Live-action film characters" or simply "Film characters". I only saw half of the film, but I was disappointed to hear that Mikako wasn't in it, since she's one of my favorite characters.

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  • Noticed the move from IP's Isabella page to Daisuke page. I added to characters category but figured it would be good to discuss beforehand with you before tagging a gender-based category. Biologically male but personality-wise female I'm not sure what we should do.

    It occurred to me though, perhaps we could have 2 articles, a 'male' article for Daisuke pre-transition and a 'female' article for Isabella post-transition? Then they could kinda link to each other?

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  • I am wondering, would it be possible to list their ages before and after the timeskip that occurs at Stage 48? Pre-skip Mikako appears to be 36 so I am wondering how old Miwako was at the start of Parakiss so I could subtract her age and figure out how old Mikako was when Miwako was born.

    Curious about this since I don't recall Miwako being in Gokinjo and know it's a huge skip forward.

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    • Yeah I've debating that for awhile listing their ages that way is probably more convenient. Miwako appears in last chapter of Gokinjo along with Hiroyuki and Arashi. I'm sure that Miwako was born when Mikako was 18/19.

      Miwako is also the same age as Yukari, George, Isabella, Hiro, and Arashi.

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    • Ah okay, I kinda figured Miwako came shortly after where the Gokinjo anime ended since the parents got back together.

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  • I noticed you made this for grouping every single page on your wiki. You might be interested in an automated function that already exists for this purpose called Special:AllPages.

    This would allow every page to be listed without having to go to the trouble of using categories.

    I notice there are 2 different 'list of episodes' and 'list of chapters' for each of the two series. Then it appears that the articles for each are combined. The Yamaguchi Family's Tsutomu-kun, the 1st GM chapter, is in the same Category:Chapters as Stage 5 and Stage 7.

    Similarly it appears that My Childhood Friend is in the same Category:Episodes as Atelier and George.

    I was thinking, would it be possible as more from both are added, to do more specific categories that group it like series? Such as Category:Gokinjo Monogatari episodes or Category:Paradise Kiss episodes.

    Or alternatively and perhaps more simply, such content is welcome over at w:c:Gokinjo and I'd be glad to make you a SysOp there. Was not aware until you made the edit that this series had a fan doing so much work on it.

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    • Not at all, I'm purely data-oriented and lack the aesthetic sense for style background customizations and stuff. I'll contact staff about shortening the names. What with Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari hopefully anime fans will know what monogatari means by this time I guess, though we could make a note of the translation on the homepage.

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    • Great, I'll start custominzing the backgrounds and stuff soon, I'll have to figure out something to do with w:c:aiy, maybe just a picture of all of Yazawa's works too:)

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