Stage 1
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Volume 1
Chapter 1
Release date 1999
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"They called it their studio."
Yukari Hayasaka

Stage 1 is the first chapter of Paradise Kiss, and details how Yukari Hayasaka met the members of Paradise Kiss.



Yukari reminisces of a basement store called, Paradise Kiss. It was hidden by side streets, and the only way to get to it was to go down a filght of stairs. The decorations were outrageous with pink walls, a bar, pool table, and three sewing machines. They used it as a studio.

Paradise KissEdit

Yukari hates the city, and the people in it. She is impatient to get where shee needs to go, when a blonde punk-rocker confronts her. He acts friendly towards her, but Yukari is startled by his appearance, and runs. Yukari runs into a large drag queen, whose name is revealed to be Isabella. The punk-rocker tells Isabella to catch Yukari, so Isabella hugs her. Yukari passes out from the shock of it.

She woke up in what she perceived as "heaven," until she saw her captors. They explain to Yukari that they want her to be their model for a fashion show at their school, Yazawa School for the Arts. Yukari outright refuses to do it, stating that she has to study for college.

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  • The Happy Berry symbol can be seen three instances in this chapter, first on Miwako's collar, second Miwako is wearing a Happy Berry backpack, and third Yukari is sleeping on a Happy Berry pillow.
  • Pucci Francoise, a stuffed animal from Gokinjo Monogatari can be seen beside Yukari as she slept.

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