Suguru Hayasaka (早坂スグル Hayasaka Suguru) is Yukari Hayasaka's younger brother.


He is the younger brother of Yukari Hayasaka and the son of Tomoko Hayasaka and their unnamed father. He is the child prodigy of their family, he excels in everything from academics, entrance exams, almost everything his sister couldn't achieve. Because of this he is praised and appreciated, while his sister gets scolded and lectured by their overbearing mother for not being on the same academic level as her brother. While Suguru loves his mother, even he finds her behavior towards his sister unfair.

However, Suguru cares for his sister and he wants her to be happy and live her own life and achieve her own dreams, not what their mother wants from them. When his sister gets into modeling he encourages her to follow her heart and to do what she wants.

He also teases his sister when it comes to her crush, George.

At the end of the manga and anime, it's unknown what happened to him, but it can be speculated that he is still a prodigy but will follow his sister's example and find a job that will make him happy and not follow what his mother wants him to do as well.