Yukari Hayasaka
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 早坂紫
Romaji translation Hayasaka Yukari
Nicknames Caroline (First by Miwako Sakurada and then everyone)
Carrie (By Isabella Yamamoto)
Cinderella (By George Koizumi)
Gender Female
Age 18-28 (as of chapter 48)
Born April 1[1]
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation(s) Model
Family Tomoko Hayasaka (mother)
Suguru Hayasaka (brother)
Relationships Johji Koizumi (former boyfriend)

Hiroyuki Tokumori (fiancé)

Education Seiei Academy
Affiliations Treetop

Yukari Hayasaka (早坂紫 Hayasaka Yukari) was once a high school student but later becomes a model for the Treetop agency.


Though Yukari isn't a bad student, her brother Suguru is a child prodigy. From a young age, Yukari was expected to do well in school. When she failed her first entrance exam for a reputable elementary school, Yukari worked harder on studying constantly and succeeds at getting into Seiei Academy.

When the story starts, Yukari is 18 and a senior high school student at Seiei Academy. Her life seemed rather boring and meaningless up until the point that she is discovered by Arashi and Isabella. When she first meets the para-crew she is very cruel to them saying what they do is meaningless. However, as time goes by and she starts to get to know the para-crew, she starts to loosen up. Not only does her personality change, but her entire demenor. Eventually she even falls in love with George, who is the most influentual member of them all.

Physical appearanceEdit


Student photo.


Being called Caroline for the first time.


Getting embarassed by George calling her Cinderella.


Isabella calling her Carrie for the first time.

Yukari is 5'7" (she tells Kozue she is 170cm) with long black hair and deep brown almost black eyes. She has a thin figure with very attractive features fit for a model.

Personality and traitsEdit

When the story begins, Yukari is an attractive girl with a rather boring, unattractive, and most of all cynical personality. She's very focused on her studies and her entrance exams almost obsessively so. As the story goes on, it is easy to see that she is very unsure of herself and is not made better by her mother's persistance. Her mothers persistance to do her best rubbed off on her as she tries to go well beyond her limits. She still manages to disappoint her mother, occasionally being slapped or yelled at; though this is only because her brother Suguru is a child prodigy and where Yukari lacks, he excels. Her tireless efforts go unnoticed and because of this she starts to tire of school work all together.

One thing that Ai Yazawa does magnificiently is show how Yukari really changes throughout the story. At first, she is a rather boring and unhappy girl with a lacking personality. Once she meets the Para-crew and reluctantly joins them, her personality slowly changes. Though she still can be very selfish, mean, and catty, her   intense relationship with George pushes her to grab hold of her identity, despite the fact that she feels he is a cold and manipulative man.

Anime portrayalEdit

Yukari Hayasaka is voiced by Yu Yamada in the anime series.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Yukari is the heroine of Paradise Kiss, and made her debut in the first chapter. Yukari was the only character in Paradise Kiss to appear in all forty-eight chapters.
  • In the manga, Yukari breaks up with George. In the last chapter, she is engaged to Hiroyuki Tokumori and they are planning on going to U.S for their honeymoon after the wedding.


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